Refund Policy

We put in effort to get the best and economical deals on our website for the customer to enjoy and be satisfied with. However, we do understand that this doesn’t happen all the time and there are exceptions. The refund policy explains as to how ShukranDeals shall provide the customer with a refund in lieu of a particular deal.

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, ShukranDeals is not responsible for the quality of the product or service offered by the Merchant or if experience hasn’t been apt. There will be no refund on and product or service provided and only in such case the Merchant does not accept the voucher issued by ShukranDeals. We shall liase with the Merchant to resolve any dispute and get the best way forward.

Invalid and expired vouchers are non-refundable and no voucher is valid for exchange of cash.

Automatic Refunds

ShukranDeals will provide an automatic refund where

  • We are required by the law to do so;
  • We have made a mistake in advertising the deal;
  • Prior to redemption of the voucher the provider of the deal ceases trading or ceases to provide the services the subject of the deal;

Refund Non-qualifications

The following circumstances do not qualify for a deal;

  • If you have failed to read the Specific Terms and Conditions of the Deal.
  • If you lose or misplace the voucher
  • If you have had a dispute with the Merchant
  • If you are late for the booking and the Merchant decides to cancel your booking
  • If you contact ShukranDeals after the expiration of the Deal voucher
  • If you are unable to find your preferred time to utilize your Deal voucher
  • If the deal experience did not meet your expectation
  • If you change your mind after you have purchased a Deal
  • If the Merchant does not honor the deal because you have failed to present the voucher

Submission of Refund request

Submission for a refund request should be made in writing by sending an e-mail to and mentioning the reason for a refund with due explanation.